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18 Year Old Michael Brown Was Shot And Killed By A Police Officer.Michael Brown Was Unarm

Robin Williams Passing At 63.R.I.P. Mr. Robin Williams

Eric Garner:Cop Is Looking At Murder

Eric Garner Was Killed By A Police Office.

Pregnant and Big Titties

Pregnant and Big Titties

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A&E Star Phil Robertson Tell GQ Magazine That Being Gay Is A Sin.People Have Lash Out About The Duck Dynasty Star Comments.No One Boycotted 30 Rock When Tracy Morgan Said If His Son Was Gay He Would Hit Him,But When Phil Robertson Say Being Gay Is A Sin People Want To Start Shit With Him.Nobody Was There When This Interview Took Place.Nobody Heard What Was Said.So Back The Fuck Off.

16-year-old Ethan Couch Was Drinking And Driving And Kills 4 People,He Gets Probation And Rehab.What The Hell.

Why Do People Give In To Stereotype Themselfs?Why Blackface Your Self To Look Good.

Tommy Sotomayor Is Still Getting Look At As If He Is Black Face.I Only Agree With Tommy Sotomayor 50% .